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A Celestial Vogue Wedding in Middleburg, VA

"Hosted at Goodstone Inn in Middleburg, Virginia, Kelly and Brett’s wedding had the iconic theme of Celestial Vogue and a team who effortlessly brought it to life."

Not only were K + B such cool people to be around, but their vision for their affair was nothing short of bold, sophisticated, and, of course, stylish as hell. For any and all couples who want inspiration for the style & theme of their own wedding, keep on reading! 

The Couple: Kelly & Brett

Kelly, a vision of fashion-forward grace, and Brett, with his artistic soul, are the definition of my dream couple. 

The fact that two such iconic and creative people were drawn to my work is the ultimate compliment! They embody the perfect blend of city sophistication and natural allure, making their wedding not just a bond, but a celebration of two contrasting styles… which is what I want to talk about next.

The Inspo: Vogue Celestial Fairytale

Picture this: a wedding that feels like a dreamy page from Vogue, set in a Grecian bistro, but with a fairytale twist. 

Their inspiration was drawn from the stars, intertwining celestial romance with a modern, chic aesthetic. It’s like stepping into a storybook, where glamour meets a whimsical, cottage-core vibe, creating an ambiance that’s both ethereal and grounded.

The Outfits:

Kelly’s ensemble was a show-stopping testament to her fashion-forward sensibilities. Donning a breathtaking Monique Lhuillier gown, she chose to forgo a traditional veil, opting instead for a look that was both glamorous and unconventional.

 The gown, with its intricate details and flowing silhouette, captured the essence of their wedding theme – a blend of woodland charm and ethereal elegance.

Brett complemented Kelly’s style with a dapper and sophisticated suit that echoed the day’s modern yet timeless vibe. His attire, carefully chosen, reflected a subtle nod to the couple’s unique aesthetic – understated yet undeniably chic.

The bridesmaids added to the visual feast with dresses in a vibrant and daring color scheme. Their outfits, each unique yet (of course) cohesive, played into the wedding’s fairytale-like theme, blending bold fashion statements with the day’s whimsical undertone. The entire vibe was completely up my alley!

The Venue: Goodstone Inn in Virginia

Goodstone Inn, a venue that effortlessly combines rustic charm with luxurious sophistication, was the canvas for Brett and Kelly’s wedding. 

Its natural backdrop, interlaced with opulent touches, set the stage for a wedding that was both intimate-feeling but grand in style. It’s where the beauty of Virginia’s landscape meets the pinnacle of an elegant celebration!

The Ceremony:

Their wedding day ended up being a rainy and cloudy one, but that certainly didn’t stop us from having a good time. 

Their ceremony was originally going to be by the pool, but the planning time decided to move it under a tent, not wanting to risk ruining any of the decor or having the couple stand in the rain for the entire ceremony. But, at the very last minute, the Silk and Slate team and Brett & Kelly both agreed they wanted to stick with the original plan because it seemed like the rain was holding out… and it did! The unexpected rain, pausing just as vows were exchanged, only added to the magic, making it seem as if the universe itself was celebrating their ceremony! 

The Celebration:

As the vows gave way to celebration, their wedding was transformed into a fusion of glamour and evocative charm.

 Brett, Kelly, and their guests danced the night away and of course Kelly had an iconic outfit change – we would expect nothing less from her. The attention to detail and design from every aspect of their wedding – from rehearsal dinner to reception – was a testament to both the couple’s taste and the team’s ability to deliver above and beyond. 

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