A Stylish Manhattan Skyline Wedding

September 23, 2023

A Europe Romance turned New York City Nuptials

I had the pleasure of working with Kat & Vinny for both their engagement session and their wedding, and let me tell you, my experience with them was truly unlike any other.. Their personalities are poles apart yet fit together seamlessly. Kat brings this lively, energetic vibe bursting with excitement, while Vinny’s more composed, grounded nature is the soul of the party. It’s the kind of dynamic duo I knew I’d vibe with right from the get-go. When we finally met face-to-face for their engagement session, we instantly clicked and effortlessly formed a friendship

Vinny adores Kat’s vibrant energy, her knack for illuminating any space she enters. Meanwhile, Kat is enamored with Vinny’s charm and his talent for elevating everything around him. Their paths crossed in Europe through a mutual friend, despite living worlds apart—Vinny in New York City and Kat in Tampa. That chance meeting blossomed into a long-distance relationship, with Kat eventually making the leap to the city to be by Vinny’s side. And all these beautiful chapters culminated in their breathtaking, chic wedding in the heart of New York City’s Financial District.


Bride and groom sharing their first kiss at their wedding ceremony

“If you were even for one second contemplating whether you should hire Kyla as your wedding day photographer just stop what you are doing immediately and hire this amazing woman. Every single part of working with Kyla was seamless, professional, stress free and FUN.”

Morning at the Beekman

The day kicked off at the Beekman Hotel, a downtown gem known for its intricate details and rich textures that paint a vivid picture. It’s a place filled with ornate beauty that rivals few others, perhaps only matched by the exquisite Bowery Hotel – (Bowery Hotel Wedding). The Beekman’s multiple floors with expansive openings overlooking the lounge create a truly distinctive vibe, and I’m thrilled Kat and Vinny chose this remarkable spot to prep for their big day.

After their heartwarming first look at the Beekman, the duo made their way to the new Manhatta restaurant to continue their wedding festivities. Manhatta boasts a modern, chic atmosphere with stunning views of the lower Manhattan skyline—a perfect canvas for Kat & Vinny’s elegant, minimalist wedding vision crafted flawlessly by Noelle at silkandslateco.

Their ceremony unfolded against a cloudless, flawless backdrop, gazing over the skyline on a day that couldn’t have been more perfect. The cocktail hour mirrored that same magical ambiance until the evening reception, where the clouds gracefully made their appearance. Yet, even with a slight cover, the city lights still twinkled through, setting the scene as Kat, Vinny, and their guests danced and celebrated deep into the night.

The Team Who Brought it all to Life

PLANNING + DESIGN: silkandslateco | PHOTOGRAPHY: kylajeanette | VIDEOGRAPHY: Wayne Banga | VENUE + CATERING: Manhatta | FLORALS: designsbyahnnyc | RENTALS: luxeeventrentals nuagedesignsinc | STATIONERY: paperrefinery | PHOTOBOOTH: fluxphotoboothco | BAND: whiskeyprincessband | BEAUTY: jacquelyn jordan | ACCOMODATIONS: The Beekman | GOWN: vierobridal | TUX: enzocustom