Lost Dutchman State Park, Pheonix, Arizona

Black on BLACK! We love the color contrast of the all-black outfits in front of the red rock background. This hidden gem location is just an hour outside of Pheonix! This awesome spot is full of old Western towns and long, scenic hiking trails. We originally had planned to shoot at Camelback mountain but this spot was a lucky find at the last minute that I KNEW would make such a difference in the photos compared to the originally chosen location. Thankfully, Brianna and Jim trusted me enough to make the change!

We almost got pricked my cacti, we were within FEET of a family of coyotes and we were on our toes looking out for snakes… But ended up with an awesome gallery in the end. 😂

Thanks to our awesome florist, The floral theory, we were able to have a gorgeous bouquet that added so much more dimension to the images! Whether it’s a wedding, elopement or just a simple couples session, bouquets ALWAYS make such a difference.

I originally had gone down to Pheonix to do a styled shoot that you can find HERE. Then once I met Bri and Jim, I KNEW I had to do more. I’m glad I did. They definitely won one of my favorite galleries to date!