Angela and Grant in a boat

Romantic Central Park Engagement Photos | Angela + Grant

October 12, 2022

These Central Park engagement photos were inspired by the idea of the perfect date day. Angela and Grant loved the idea of an engagement shoot that used city streets, architecture, and nature, so we spent a whole evening together in New York City, taking our time to get each amazing shot.

Angela and Grant Were College Sweethearts

Grant and Angela met in their freshman year of college at Northwestern University, and Grant had a crush on her for most of that year. But it wasn’t until sophomore year, when a mutual friend set them up to go to a sorority party together, that they started dating. The rest is history.

“I have so many favorite things about Angela,” Grant said when I asked, “but if I had to pick one it would be her ability to show so much compassion, care, and love for the people and things she cares about.” Angela said something similar when I asked about her favorite things about Grant: “My favorite quality about Grant is that he is someone who is kind, someone who always tries to do his best to do the right thing, and someone who always lets me know he cares.”

Walking Through NYC with Pongo

When I asked Angela and Grant about their favorite things to do together, they both mentioned their morning walks with their pup, Pongo. We decided to bring him along as we captured these Central Park engagement photos, which was so fun. If you’re considering bringing your dog along to your own engagement shoot, I’d encourage you to do it. You can always bring them for one part, and then have sections of the shoot where the pup goes home or someone else holds the leash.

For this part of the ‘date’, both of them chose elegant and sophisticated outfits. Angela in particular blew us away in a bridal-inspired look, with a white power suit accessorized by a headband and heels, both decorated in pearls. They looked wonderful together.

Capturing Central Park Engagement Photos

In the early days of dating, Angela and Grant fell in love through lots of walks by Lake Michigan, which made the Central Park rowboats such a special idea. This was one of my favorite parts of these Central Park engagement photos because it was when Angela and Grant’s humor and playfulness really came out. They are so funny, and they love making each other laugh. You can really see that joy in these photos.

As the sun set, the golden light in the park was perfect. Seeing Angela and Grant have such a romantic moment in the rowboat felt like everything that Central Park engagement photos should be. It was such a pleasure to capture.

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