Whether fashion is your forte or not…Putting together outfits is a TASK. I get it, you get it, we get it. In this particular circumstance of an engagement session, you not only have to come up with an outfit for yourself… But also, your fiancé!? (Although, most men are becoming more and more fashionable, so if that applies to your man… Girl, he just saved you so much time!)

An engagement session only happens once. So you want to look and feel your best for these photos that are going to bring you back to such a special part of your life!

I’m not here to scare you. I’ve written out a guide to not only give you some outfit inspo, but also inform you on how to let that style of yours SHINE, girl!

Look, style and fashion are two different things. Fashion is trendy, where-as style… Is forever. As you’re going through this guide, I want you to think less about what’s trendy and more about what’s YOU. What you’re comfortable in and what is flattering to you and your figure.

The information in this guide is to take what you’re most comfortable in and tweak it to where it will still be you but how you can enhance your style and allow it to shine in the best way through the camera with accessories, colors and layers!

Happy reading




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