19 Luxury Wedding Ideas for an Elegant Celebration

August 23, 2021
Kyla Jeanette

Luxury weddings are all about breathtaking venues, romantic ceremonies, elaborate parties, fashion, and a certain air of sophistication. Being an avid supporter and photographer of luxurious weddings myself, I aim to capture the beauty of each luxury wedding candidly and with acute attention to detail. 

If you’re looking to craft the ultimate luxury wedding, here are 19 great ways to make your special day a stunning celebration you’ll never forget.  

1. Choose a Tall, Decorative Wedding Cake

Nothing says glamour and beauty more than a statement wedding cake. Make your luxury wedding day enchanting with a dream cake – as elaborate as you’d like it to be.

Six-layered white decorative wedding cake with floral orchid decorations on it that gives off an elegant and luxurious vibe

Tell your baker that you’re looking for a showstopper, and reflect the theme and decorative details of the rest of the wedding in the design of your cake.

2. Choose an Exquisite Venue  for your Luxury Wedding

You can’t have a luxury wedding without the perfect dream venue. Much like the wedding I shot for Kevin and Nicole at the Cosmos Club in Washington, D.C., the atmosphere of a luxury wedding venue needs to come with a certain amount of grandeur and awe.

When it comes to your luxury wedding, select the extravagant and romantic venue that suits you best. Look for venues that have higher ceilings, elegant decorations, and wide-open spaces for the ultimate luxury wedding.

3. Incorporate a Glamorous Centerpiece

For your luxury wedding, be sure to make a statement with an eye-catching centerpiece.

Opt for an extravagant floral arrangement, a complex art installation, or a wide variety of jewels and candles to make your luxury wedding truly spectacular. 

4. Hire a String Quartet for your Luxury Wedding

Live music plays a crucial role, and a string quartet could be what makes the atmosphere of your wedding absolutely perfect. 

Three women playing their own instruments, including a violin, a cello, and a keyboard piano during a luxurious wedding reception

5. Use a Stunning Seating Chart 

This added detail is a fantastic way to ensure the details of your celebration radiate elegance and charm.

19 Luxury Wedding Ideas for an Elegant Celebration. Close-up of fireplace with gold framed mirror.

You could place the seating arrangement of your ceremony on a repurposed glass mirror and add a golden frame, or have it painted on a custom map of a significant place for your story.

6. Decorate with Gold and White

These two classic colors are perfect for any luxury wedding. Gold and white are easily the best combinations to include in decorations, place settings, arrangements, and more – as they will make your wedding feel tasteful and leave it looking refined.

A side photo of an elegantly dressed bride wearing a white dress and dangling earrings

You can add gold and white details into your bridal party attire, your bouquet, and your dishes to tie in the theme throughout your celebration. 

7. Shoot Out Flower Petals After the Kiss 

Right after the big kiss, have thousands of flower petals shoot out from cannons so they can fall over you and your guests as you celebrate the start of your forever. 

8. Decorate the Walkway to Your Ceremony Location

For the perfect luxury wedding, cover the walkway leading to your ceremony location in delicate decorations such as flowers or lights. Then your guests can enjoy the full experience of a luxury wedding from start to finish, leaving no space untouched! 

Bride and groom holding hands as they descend down the luxurious walkway to their ceremony location wth a chandelier above and fountain fireworks

9. Hang Chandeliers

Whether during your ceremony or afterward at your reception, chandeliers are the perfect way to go if you’re looking to add a little extra flair and extravagance to your luxury wedding.

The chic and luxurious wedding reception venue with tall windows and two breathtaking chandeliers hanging from above

Hang chandeliers from the ceiling to ensure your wedding is truly magical. The atmosphere is set just right for a romantic mood. 

10. Decorate Your Reception in an All White Color Palette

Cover your entire reception area in white so you are sure to keep your white theme seamless and consistent.

An elegantly decorated reception table captured by Kyla Jeanette Photo

Drape your chairs in white fabric, tie them with white bows, cover your reception tables in white linens and keep everything clean and bright for your after-party celebration. 

11. String Lights For Your Luxury Wedding Reception 

Use multiple strings of light to create an outdoor tent-like atmosphere for your reception. Hang the lights in such a way that the night sky is visible, but you feel as if you’re under a twinkling tent. Dance under a cascade of lights with your loved one as you take in the splendor of your dream luxury wedding reception. 

12. Drape Fabric 

Drape fabric high from the ceilings to create the illusion of arches and a magnificent canopy. Feel free to display lights across the fabric to enhance the overall drama and take your dream venue to the next level. 

13. Go All Out On Reception Decor 

Make your reception centerpieces as breathtaking as they can be by decorating with massive floral arrangements, vases, trees, hanging lanterns, etc. Dress up your space with oversized displays and don’t be afraid to play around with different ideas!

14. Send Out Jeweled Stationery 

Quality paper makes a big difference to the feel of your wedding invitations. So, make sure you go for the heaviest, most refined paper type.

Flat-lay photo of the wedding invitation with artistic floral illustrations laid with a perfume bottle, wedding rings, and the bride's wedding shoes

Take your stationery to the next level! You can do this by incorporating jewels and silk ribbons to each invitation for the perfect luxurious feel. Or decorate your invitations with beautiful studded beads and pearls to add an extra pop to your cards. 

15. Decorate with Floral Sculptures 

If you’re looking for a statement, then floral sculptures are the way to go.

Place these captivating sculptures all throughout your ceremony location. Enjoy the beauty they bring and the vision they add to your special day. 

16. Utilize Creative Lighting for your Luxury Wedding

Set your wedding in tones of light blue or pink for a romantic feeling of enchantment and an atmosphere of magic. Let the lights reflect off of your gown as you walk down the aisle, or fall over your reception tables like moonlight as your guests begin to eat. 

17. Have an Elevated Dance Floor 

If you’re big on dancing, then this idea is a must for your elegant celebration. Elevate your dance floor so your guest can enjoy an all-around view of your first dance and enjoy tearing up the floor with you as you dance the night away. 

18. Incorporate a Beautiful Arch to your Luxury Wedding

Either at the entrance of your aisle or at the end of it, incorporate a beautiful arch to add to the splendor of your luxury wedding.

The stunning wedding arch lined with white roses for that luxurious feel, taken by Kyla Jeanette Photography

Your arch can be accessorized however you’d like it. Whether it’s covered in flowers, lights, or fabric – a breathtaking arch is sure to add to your big day. 

19. Create a Flower Wall for your Luxury Wedding

If you’re looking for a beautiful backdrop for your luxury wedding, a flower wall is an ideal choice! Layer a wall in flowers of your liking and match their colors to the color theme of your wedding for an overall picturesque luxury wedding idea. 

Your Dream Luxury Wedding 

Now that you’ve read my list of 19 luxury wedding ideas for your ideal elegant celebration – I hope you feel inspired to add them to your wedding and make it one you’ll always remember. If you have any questions or want to inquire about my work as a luxury wedding photographer, feel free to contact me on my page!

Featured Image Credits: Photography: Kyla Jeanette Photo, Model: Julia Ryan Murray , HMUA: Marina Dubrovina, Gown: Kim Kassas Couture, Accessories: Janice Tan Couture , Shoes: Something Bleu Shoes , Florals: One Flower by L


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