Ring of Kerry

Gorgeous Gowns, STUNNING views, a loving couple, an insanely awesome country… My dreams have officially come true.

There’s something so unique about the Southern ring of Ireland. It rained every single day we were there. Luckily, the day we had a shoot, it was the most clear day we saw. The sunset gave us 3 different looks within the hour. From a blue sky, to cool and gloomy rain to the most vibrant and beautiful sunset you can only see after it rains.

Without the rain, we would have not gotten the gorgeous, orange glow. We got so lucky. 2 words… Prayers ANSWERED.

Ireland was a DREAM to say the least. Myself as well as 2 close girlfriends of mine, Lexi and Marissa; who are also photographers, had such a great girls trip.

The couple: Maria is a model signed with agencies all around Europe and the US, while Romy plays professional basketball. Their compatibility was magical and truly made this final shoot in Ireland such an amazing experience. They didn’t live too far from the location, which was a HUGE surprise given that the location was in the middle of nowhere! Despite the wind that could have thrown us off the cliffsides, and the rain that felt like bullets, they were such amazing sports and made the trip beyond worth it.

Huge thanks to Reclamation for the beautiful gowns.



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