Mexican Paradise Cabo Wedding | Marby + Erich

February 14, 2020


Villa Del Palmar, Cabo, Mexico

When Erich and Marby reached out to me and mentioned that their wedding was going to be in Cabo, I was so stoked. I never even knew that Cabo existed until probably that earlier that same year when only a few months before their inquiry, I set it as a dream destination. I knew that because of how fun their engagement session was, that the wedding would not disappoint. And I was right. This wedding was insane. It all started with the flight out to Cabo. I was in Ireland literally THE DAY BEFORE. So I flew from Ireland to DC, had 6 hours to pack and relax, visit my family and then I was back at Reagan Airport to head straight to Cabo.

As soon as I arrived, I met with Marby + Erich at the airport, I’m not kidding when I say this is one of the most interesting places I’ve been to. There are so many different landscapes from deserts to beaches to fields to mountains. When you’re flying into the airport, you have the most beautiful view of the mountains. It actually looked a lot like Oregon mountain peaks.

Seeing the resort, Villa Del Palmar, for the first time was so cool. It was such a luxurious resort. The detail in the architecture was incredible. I got my own room and had all-inclusive meals. It was awesome, to say the least. I’m confident I gained a ton of weight while in Cabo, LOL. The food was amazing, the views were beautiful, it was all around such an awesome experience.

On the day of the wedding, it was even more beautiful than I could have imagined. With the arch alongside the coast and a view of lovers beach (you’ll see pictured below), the scene was laid perfectly for such a romantic moment. We first started getting ready to photograph the first look. While I was location scouting the early morning of, I found that the best spot to do the first look was behind a deli market in front of the resort. There were gorgeous arches that I knew would frame the first look perfectly! After I decided where the first look would take place, I asked the planner where other photographers have taken the wedding party portraits in the past. She gave me one or two spots that were nice, but usually, when I ask that question, I like to see what’s been done and what I can do differently from what’s already been done. So I checked out the spots she suggested and then I did some exploring. I found a random staircase in the way back of the building that led to a chain-link fence. Not sure of whether or not I was allowed to be up there, I still continued to walk through the fence and came across an EPIC tennis court. I KNEW that was the spot. The green floors and the soft white Grecian style walls (almost like you’d see in Santorini). I’m so glad Erich and Marby trusted my vision enough to go up there!

The ceremony itself was awesome. It was planned so well and was so organized. The officiant was awesome and literally hilarious. He cracked some of the best jokes and some of the sweetest comments that left everyone feeling so comfortable and involved during the ceremony rather than just your typical, “Straight to the point” officiant. He made it FUN. The couple and the audience were rolling with it too. They were all so awesome and laid back. My kind of people for sure.

After the ceremony, we then got ready for the reception intros! The reception was a blast. The DJ played great music. We had the best view of lovers beach and the gorgeous sunset in the background during the couple’s first dance. It was a recipe for absolute magic. Toward the end of the ceremony, two of the groomsmen organized a surprise Mariachi band for the couple to do their send off to. It was so amazing watching Marby, Erich and their whole family dancing to the Mariachi music together. You really could feel the love in those final moments. It really tied the whole Mexico experience together and ended the wedding on such a light and happy note.

The day after the wedding, Marby, Erich and I hopped in a taxi to go off the resort to find a different setting to shoot some portraits in. Our original plan was to go to a cliffside, but what google failed to tell us is that the cliffs were only accessible through a resort you needed to be staying on to access. So I asked the taxi driver if there was a desert location nearby with cacti and some cool greenery. We headed toward a really nice park nearby that had what I asked for, but on the way, I noticed a better spot on the side of the road. (Don’t worry, Cabo is one of the safest places in Mexico and the couple was totally cool with it!) We pulled over on the side of a sandy road and took these awesome portraits there. These photos were epic. Couldn’t have asked for it to go any better. It was one of those times where everything was going right even if it was going wrong. I can’t thank Marby and Erich enough for including me in their plans and having me document all of their moments. A trip I will never forget. I hope you enjoy looking through the photos!



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