Esteli and Keyon’s Colorful & Creative Wedding Weekend in Tulum

November 9, 2023

In the tropical setting of Tulum, Esteli and Keyon’s wedding unfolded as a kaleidoscopic weekend of love, laughter, and vibrant celebrations. This wedding wasn’t just an event; it was a journey through different moods and colors, reflecting the couple’s dynamic and spirited taste! From the serene sunrise ceremony to the lively evening reception, each moment of their special weekend was completely their own, tailored to perfection.

The Couple: Esteli & Keyon

Esteli and Keyon had a bold and non-traditional vision for their destination wedding weekend in Tulum. I was so inspired by the flow of their events and overall design ideas because it wasn’t something I had really seen before! If you’re planning an “out-of-the-box” event like this, then just know I would love to be a part of it. 

The Inspo: Dual Color Palette Extravaganza

Their wedding was a kaleidoscope of colors, reflecting their inability to settle on just one palette. They refused to be limited by the parameters of the traditional wedding scene, so they said “Screw it!” and did whatever they felt creatively drawn to. The daytime ceremony featured soft, neutral tones inspired by the natural colors of a sunrise, while the evening burst into a vibrant display of colors, creating a dynamic and unforgettable ambiance. While utilizing color can sometimes be visually overwhelming, the way they incorporated it was nothing short of tasteful. 

The Destination: Tulum

The festivities spanned across Tulum, each location adding its unique charm. From a serene boat trip to the lively rehearsal dinner at El Agave, each event built up to the intimate sunrise ceremony at Ana y Jose and the colorful reception at Kima Tulum. I loved this venue (and location – Tulum is always a fantastic place for a destination wedding!) for a few reasons; the blank slate vibe, the beautiful setting for an intimate jungle wedding or elopement, and, of course, the proximity to the beach for portraits. 

The Ceremony:

Their sunrise ceremony, held at the beachfront of their hotel villa, was the perfect beginning to the events that unfolded. Guests, dressed to match the sunrise, witnessed Esteli and Keyon’s vows against the breathtaking backdrop of a Tulum sunrise, creating a tranquil yet powerful moment. Once their ceremony concluded, we pranced around the beach for their portraits, allowing E + K to let loose, have fun, and enjoy being newly married. 

The Celebration:

The evening celebration at Kima Tulum was quite the contrast to the morning’s serenity. It was a fiesta of colors, with guests embodying the spirit of such a joyous and high-energy celebration. The party vibe was electric, between the disco balls and the bright colors, it was a party if I’ve ever seen one. The reception/party is always one of my favorite aspects of a wedding day, and E + K’s was CERTAINLY no exception! They were reckless in all the best ways, completely letting go and being fully in the moments with each other and their people. 

The Team That Brought It All To Life:

CEREMONY VENUE: Anya y Jose Hotel | RECEPTION VENUE: Kima Tulum | PLANNING: LM Wedding Tulum | PHOTOGRAPHY: Kyla Jeanette | VIDEOGRAPHY: Seven Foot Films | DESIGN: Daniela Parra Design | FLORALS: Diauno Floral | CEREMONY HMUA: Daniel Perez Astorga | RECEPTION HMUA: Salty Beauty Weddings | DJ + AUDIO: DJ Franco Rosales + SONNER | CATERING: Piedra De Fuego | CAKE: Lali Pasteles | CHURROS: Don Churro Tulum | PIANO: Diego Martinez | VIOLIN: Bian Rodriguez | RENTALS: Archive Rentals | SIGNAGE: Aralia | CEREMONY DRESS: David Salomon | RECEPTION DRESS: Sarah Seven Lovely Bride | SUIT: Calvin Klein