Hanna and Aiden are Kissing together

Chic and Minimalist Engagement Shoot | Hanna + Aidan

March 9, 2022

Sometimes, simple really is best. They say you can’t improve upon perfection, and when I’m dealing with the radiance of a love story, I always try to keep that in mind. There’s no need to clutter up an engagement shoot with props – in fact, some of the most powerful moments can come from stripping away the details to let what really matters shine. That’s what happened at this minimalist engagement shoot.

When Hanna and Aidan reached out to me about celebrating their engagement, they had a clear vision in mind. They wanted a minimalist aesthetic with a clean background. I loved the idea of getting to focus purely on them and their connection, so together we crafted a minimalist engagement shoot.

Pared-back, Minimalist Engagement Shoot

We chose a subdued color palette – first, Hanna wore an elegant all-black outfit with gold accessories, while Aidan looked sharp in white and gray. All we needed was a stool so that they could play with different visual levels, and their charismatic connection did the rest! I have rarely laughed so hard during an engagement shoot – this couple is bubbling with life and joy, and it comes across in these photos.

For their second look, Hanna changed into a soft white shirt and blue jeans. We cracked a bottle of wine and a few beers, and I love the more relaxed and playful shots from where they were sitting by the window. Altogether, this minimalist engagement shoot came together beautifully, and it was a real honor to help make Hanna and Aidan’s vision for it come true.

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