Emma and Chris are holding each other

Ethereal Sailboat Engagement Photos in Atlanta, Georgia | Emma + Chris

March 23, 2022

I have always dreamed of taking sailboat engagement photos, so when Chris and Emma reached out to me about photographing their engagement, I was thrilled. They invited me out onto the water with them for the day, and we had such a wonderful time sailing and celebrating the start of a new season!

Love in Rain or Shine

When the day of the shoot dawned, it was pouring with rain. I was only in Georgia for one day, so we decided just to go for it – and when we arrived at the docks, the rain stopped! It actually stayed dry for the entire shoot and then picked up again right after.

We didn’t get blue skies, but actually, lovely diffused light that comes with cloud cover ended up giving these sailboat engagement photos such a bright and ethereal feel. This atmosphere was only accentuated by the whites and creams of the boat and Chris and Emma’s elegant outfit choices, which glowed against the moody steel blue of the water.

Joy and Laughter in These Sailboat Engagement Photos

One of the magical things about sailboat engagement photos is that, if this is where a couple wants their photos taken, it’s really their happy place. This was absolutely true of Emma and Chris, and it was so fun to see them totally relaxed and happy in each other’s arms. There was a lot of joy and a lot of laughter in this engagement shoot, as they swung from the rigging and sipped wine together, and it felt like a real privilege to get to capture it forever.

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