Kelly and Brett in a wedding ceremony

Elevated Engagement Photos In Washington DC At The Meridian House

January 11, 2023

Brett and Kelly went for a bold and sensual look for their engagement photos in Washington, DC. For their engagement shoot, we took their pictures at the Meridian House. This is a location I’m familiar with and gladly recommend to all my couples for engagement photos in Washington, DC. Photoshoots there have never left any of my couples disappointed, including Brett and Kelly.

Brett And Kelly’s Engagement Photos In Washington DC

As an experienced engagement and wedding photographer, I’ve captured countless images and worked with many, many couples over the years. One of my passions is to make them feel as comfortable as possible so they can feel free to express the love they have for one another. My other passion is to take their photos in a way that captures that expression in the best way possible.

For Brett and Kelly, we went with that sensual look. Some couples enjoy a more whimsical shoot, laughing and being playful with one another, but Brett and Kelly opted for something more intimate and sexy. Pulling this off can be challenging, but with their deep love for one another, we turned their engagement photos at the Meridian House into an intimate collection emphasizing their strong attraction to one another. To say they looked like they belong on the cover of a magazine is an understatement. 

Of course, the venue was an essential part of that. I always look forward to taking engagement photos in Washington, DC at the Meridian House. This is because the venue allows for so many different interpretations of photoshoots. For example, I’ve shot picnic engagement photos there. While both that session and this one emphasized the couples’ love for one another, the Meridian House’s ambiance and decor allowed the previous shoot to feel intimate and romantic, while allowing this one to feel sexy and elevated. I was glad to get to know both couples and find the angles and areas where we could develop those distinct feelings that are true to them, to create a storyline that’s true to them.

For their story, I captured moments of Brett and Kelly in the grand library, a dramatic balcony, the foyer area with bold checkered floors and a red-carpeted stair, and many more. That’s not to mention the beautifully landscaped garden space. Being spoiled for choice really inspired such great imagery.

Final Thoughts

I enjoy all of my engagement sessions, no matter who I’m working with or where we’re shooting. Each session is just a little different though, whether that’s the location, the clients’ styles, the time of day, the lighting, or the look. The most exciting part of my position is being able to curate a story that’s special for the couple and only the couple. For Brett and Kelly, spending time helping them develop their elevated engagement photos in Washington, DC at the Meridian House was so fulfilling and left me eager for the next session I’ll have there.


Photographer: Kyla Jeanette
Styling: Mestiza New York
Shoes: Mach & Mach
Makeup: Nancy Gaona and Nancy Lopez via Caitlyn Meyer Hair & Makeup
Hair: Balayage by Ali
Jewelry: Ring Concierge
Planning and Design: Silk + Slate Co.