Girl retouching her makeup with her fiance sitting beside her on a blue couch for their editorial hotel engagement photos

Skye & James’ Editorial Hotel Engagement Photos

January 9, 2023

Sleek, minimalistic, seductive, and at an extravagant hotel in the center of New York City. That’s what Skye and James wanted their hotel engagement photos to capture, and that’s what they got. This is their story, and this is how I helped them achieve their dream.

The Beekman Hotel Engagement Photos

The iconic Beekman in Downtown NYC was the perfect location for what Skye and James wanted to achieve with their romantic and editorial hotel engagement photoshoot. The Beekman is in a league of its own when it comes to ambiance and extravagance. It’s a photographer’s playground with its elegant architecture and decadent 19th-century decor and design. It was Skye and James’ playground too, and we had a lot of fun trying new things and seeing what we could come up with together.

Capturing Skye And James’ Hotel Engagement Photos

Shooting Skye and James’ sleek and romantic hotel engagement photos felt completely effortless from start to finish. They were such an in-sync and compatible couple. They had an infectious down-for-anything attitude too, which made the whole experience feel so simple, easy, and natural. 

It helped that they completely trusted me as well. I always go out of my way to make my clients feel comfortable and safe with me. I never take it for granted when they do, though.

For Skye and James’ hotel engagement photos, we decided to mix things up with some intimate street shots and a string of interior photos too.

This was easy to do since the Beekman has elaborate, ornate interiors with a high-class vibe. Skye and James matched this look with class of their own, sticking with sleek and minimalist outfits. For their interior hotel engagement photos, we took them all over, in the lobby, on the stairs, on the second floor, and heading down a hallway. Each offered opportunities to continue to tell their story.

New York City Streets

The streets of New York City never disappoint. It doesn’t matter where you go or what angle you take, there’s a certain spirit to the New York City streets, a certain flow, and rhythm that carries you right along with it.

When I took Skye and James’ exterior hotel engagement photos, this was the feeling they gave off. I loved putting them in the light of the day, the hustle and bustle of the city all around them, while they strolled like models, above and beyond it all. 

Final Thoughts

New York is the place to go for gorgeous photo shoots. I’ve shot all around it, from the Bowery Hotel to Central Park. Getting to explore the city with my clients, getting to put my experience to use helping them create some editorial pictures, that’s why I continue to work with people and take their photos. I’m looking forward to the next time, whoever that’s with and wherever that is.