Amy and Joey kissing in front of a window

Whimsical New York City Engagement Photos At The Bowery Hotel

November 9, 2022

When a bride-to-be tells you your work looks like her inspiration board, you get excited knowing someone not only appreciates your work but is also ready for you to take photos of them in the style you love best. Knowing I can provide this style of photos to my clients gives my work meaning beyond the art of it, and it did the same thing when I captured Amy and Joey’s New York City engagement photos at the Bowery Hotel.

My Process For This Shoot

By the time Amy and Joey were ready for their New York City engagement photos, we had already communicated plenty of times to help prepare them. This included a thorough questionnaire I send to my clients, which I use to get to know their personalities, styles, how the couple met, their dream destinations, and their love languages. It’s in these details I find the answer to the question of how best to shoot my clients. I use this to provide them with a fun, comfortable, and personalized experience. 

With Amy and Joey, and with many of my clients, my getting to know them goes beyond the questionnaire. The questionnaire is just the starting point.

So, for Amy and Joey, this getting-to-know-them process continued when we arrived at the Bowery Hotel but before we started shooting. We spent about an hour in the hotel’s bar just talking, drinking martinis, and eating snacks. For me, the connection between myself and my couples is more important than the outfits and locations they choose. It allows us to get comfortable with each other first, and foremost.

Taking Some New York City Engagement Photos At The Bowery Hotel

When a couple loves each other as much as Amy and Joey do, it makes taking pictures of them a deeper, more enjoyable experience for everyone. In their questionnaire, they talked about being polar opposites and how they complemented each other because of that. I had no trouble finding that with the camera. They were comfortable, clearly in love, and had such a great vibe together that it came through in all their New York City engagement photos. 

Final Thoughts

It’s worth saying again, but Amy and Joey’s classic, romantic, and laid-back New York City engagement photos session at the Bowery Hotel was filled with so much fun and laughter. The Bowery Hotel lent such elegance to the whole occasion. And, if all their love and laughter were anything to go by, then I’m THRILLED to revisit them and The Bowery on their wedding day.