Natalie and John standing together

Candid Outdoor Engagement Photos At The Salamander Resort

December 29, 2022

I had a great time capturing Natalie and John’s candid outdoor engagement photos at the Salamander Resort, a picturesque venue based in Middleburg, Virginia. As a large resort and spa with rooms, dining options, catering, and of course, plenty of ways to spend time with your loved ones, it was an ideal location for some relaxed outdoor engagement photos. 

A venue like the Salamander Resort is just one part of what makes a stunning shoot though. The most important part is the couple, and for this shoot, I had the pleasure of working with Natalie and John. 

They imagined a session that showcased their true nature of being as a couple. One that was candid and fun, but also reflected their organic and laid-back personalities. All it took was for them to simply trust me, and just “be”.

I can’t say enough just how grateful I am when clients trust me like this. I also value the importance of building a comfortable relationship with my clients so that they feel relaxed enough to be their total selves, without fear of discomfort or judgment.

Natalie And John’s Love Story, Summarized.

This fun-loving couple met back in high school but ended up going to separate colleges. Life had other plans for them though, and when college was over, they both ended up working at the same yoga studio where they reunited and began to fall for each other.

To some, details of how a couple met or their love story aren’t important, but to me, they’re everything. Photos are more than just pointing and shooting. Photos are about adding visual narrative to a story.

Capturing Their Outdoor Engagement Photos

For Natalie and John’s outdoor engagement photos, we stayed true to what they were looking for. Like all the nature around them, they wanted their photos to feel organic. So, we spent time around the resort looking for areas that had a rustic charm.

With the beautiful paths, stone walls, wooden backdrops, lawns, and foliage that the resort offered, we could’ve taken pictures there all day. Some favorites from their outdoor engagement photos were when they tucked themselves into a hedge with the flowers perfectly framing them and when they were out strolling around the resort’s gardens. 

It was Natalie and John who really made these outdoor engagement photos sing though. It’s always a good thing when it’s difficult to find a photo where your clients aren’t smiling or laughing. It would be hard to say whether they or the sun brightened up these photos more, but I’m going with them.

Final Thoughts

Just thinking about this photo session brings a smile to my face. Couples like Natalie and John continue to inspire my passion. I look forward to using that passion for more couples in the future.